Dyslexia: Visually Deaf? Auditory Blind? Gary Chevin

ISBN: 9781438963198

Published: March 26th 2009


108 pages


Dyslexia: Visually Deaf? Auditory Blind?  by  Gary Chevin

Dyslexia: Visually Deaf? Auditory Blind? by Gary Chevin
March 26th 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 108 pages | ISBN: 9781438963198 | 10.16 Mb

. A percentage of the spooks royalties will be donated to dyslexia research This book is unique due to the groundbreaking new research what was carried out over four years with top psychologists and the author on dyslexia, this untold mystery explains why there are problems in this specific area and tells you about the pit falls it can course and how to overcome them successfully.

I say unique because this book along with in-depth research proves that dyslexia is a mystery to individual academics who have their own perceptions on what dyslexia is and confuse not only dyslexic people but schools, colleges, and universities, not quite knowing which is the correct way to treat it, or teach it. Gary is dyslexic with his own experience on living with dyslexia and how he developed the true meaning so read below about his findings....

The book was written by a severe dyslexic man who left school with a reading age of six years, it addresses the problems he faced throughout school and looks at his employment options. It addresses the research he carried out with Prof Rod Nicolson, and Prof Angela Fawcett. Over four years it explains the findings of the research and the importance of them and which would help academics, students, and parents, on how to address these problems.

Garys understanding of dyslexia is quite unique. Over the last 10 years he has been proactive in the world of dyslexia and working with schools, colleges, and universities, to help to explain the condition. The book explains how he develops internal speech going through a program which he developed himself. The book goes through the ups and downs of Garys life. In the book there are interviews of some of the people who took part in the research.

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