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2082 A New Era Begins  by  E. J. Michael

2082 A New Era Begins by E. J. Michael
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With the collaboration of Joe Lutton, T. R. Brown, and I, wrote a science fiction novel 2082 The New Era Begins, giving a peek into not too far off future earth, ravished and torn from the effects of what mankind has done to our mother planet.

A future that consists of androids, robots, inner space travel through different dimensions, and a world domination of a super power called The Elite. How simple farmers and herders take on this group that oppressed them to gain their freedom from the mind chips. This new future is the home of three separate, yet unique, mutated human species resulting from the effects of our ozone layer depletion with the damaging UV rays. The three new races consisted of The Amerians (The American continent), The Euridians (The European continent), and The Austians (Australia and New Zealand), which were all controlled by a dominating group named The Elite made up of world leaders, scientists, doctors and the wealthiest.The Amerian race mutated the most, and they were able to live in and out of water.

Their bubble-like cities which floated on the ocean’s surface protected them from further damage of the UV rays. The Euridian race migrated inland to what was the Middle East, living in domed covered cities. And last of all, the Austian race, made up mostly of a farming community raising cloned mammoths, were the least affected by the damaging rays but suffered from memory capacity loss of their brains.The Elite stepped in and design mind chips, originally, to help the Austians.

However, they later used these chips to control this race, making them enslaved to upgrading or being locked into a certain mind set. The Truth Seekers, a secret society hidden in the caves of Euridian, would help the poor children of Austian by snatching chips from a privilege youth whose families could afford the chip upgrades in return that they join their society.When Simon, a thirteen year old, received his chip that was in a college age student, that The Truth Seekers provided, he in turn joined The Truth Seekers.

His mother, Mary, felt an obligation give back the son who was murdered for his chip by being a surrogate mother to carry a cloned son of the deceased. But when traveling through inner space to escape The Elite, who was hunting her down, the DNA was mutated into a more advanced female child.

Dr. Dixon, the clone’s father, had to go to the Euridian caves to save both Mary’s life and his child that she carried.With the training from Truth Seekers, Simon is molded into a future leader. Will he be able to free his people from the slavery of the mind chips?

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