Tunnel Syndromes Marko M. Pecina

ISBN: 9780849309526

Published: August 16th 2001


336 pages


Tunnel Syndromes  by  Marko M. Pecina

Tunnel Syndromes by Marko M. Pecina
August 16th 2001 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 336 pages | ISBN: 9780849309526 | 4.58 Mb

The need for a comprehensive resource with easy-to-find information has increased with the addition of nine new syndromes. Tunnel Syndromes: Peripheral Nerve Compression Syndromes provides a quick overview of tunnel syndromes including the definition, anatomy, etiology, clinical signs and symptoms, and treatment. It presents a total of 50 tunnel syndromes. Following the tradition of the first two editions, this resource continues to probe the origins of tunnel syndromes and to propose probable causes that lead to them.All existing chapters have been updated and new chapters have been added including:Spinal accessory nerve syndromeIntercostobrachial nerve syndromeNotalgia parestheticaMedial antebrachial cutaneous nerve syndromeDistal posterior interosseous nerve syndromeMedial superior cluneal nerve syndromePudendus nerve syndromeLateral plantar nerve syndromeMedial plantar nerve syndromeNew in this Edition:New syndromes of clinical importanceImproved illustrations, including new magnetic resonance imagesTwenty-seven new drawings (graphic designs) and twenty new photosUpdated references with a total of more than 1,650 citations

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