Moms Mesmerized: An Enslaving the Family Story Lacey Layton


Published: June 22nd 2013



Moms Mesmerized: An Enslaving the Family Story  by  Lacey Layton

Moms Mesmerized: An Enslaving the Family Story by Lacey Layton
June 22nd 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 3.68 Mb

NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE, please see Forbidden Desires Collection Volume 2 for the entire trilogy!Bobbys tried to move on from his family. He still pines for the step-sister he cannot have- let alone tell his feelings to. Frustrated and alone he takes a fateful call one night and ends up back at home and to his surprise in his Mothers bed!He finds out too late that she found an earlier version of the enslavement CD that has now bound both of them together, destined to need each other for sexual release!

Bobby finds the days slipping away as his sexually charged Mother takes advantage of the situation. He can hardly resist her shapely curves and carnivorous attitude.As the story closes on this family will Bobby be able to break the sexual spell hes under? Will he want to? Will he get Lucy back?Its the 17000+ ending to the Enslaving the Family trilogy! This time the heat is ramped up with a lot of taboo sex, dirty talk, anal sex, masturbation, enslavement, restraints and of course mother/son sex and sister/brother sex. Give into the temptation and get the third hot and steamy story today!The pool.

Mom and Dad had gotten the pool a year or so ago.Still, she was distracted. He could easily fly out the front door and grab a bus, any bus to get out of there. And yet something in him prevented him from leaving. In fact, he felt a stirring within himself compelling him to check.The glistening pool gave way to a shapely feature that exited. Beads of water dripped off the half naked body of his Mom as she ascended from the pool in her red bikini.

She took a moment to run her hands through her wet hair which allowed Bobby a full, unobstructed view of his Mothers breasts. He felt a twinge between his legs. He tried to fight it off.Thats when she noticed him. She smiled.Good morning, she said with enthusiasm. How was your sleep?Bobby didnt know what to say. Good? He said in confusion.She beamed. Good to hear! I didnt want to disturb you so I slept in the guest room.Bobby shook his head slowly.

Mom are you okay?She started towards him, wiping off her body with a towel. Of course we why wouldnt I be?Mom, Bobby started, sighing that CD you are playing last night where did you get it?I found some MP3s that were labeled relaxation in one of your folders. I burned them to a disk and listened to them.Bobby sighed again.Whats the matter dear? Do you have a headache? She was on him too fast for Bobby to react. Her soft hands were already on his forehead softly massaging him. He felt that twinge again. He opened his eyes and saw that his view was right to her chest.

He gulped. This was getting too intense again. He tried to back away but her hands gently pressed against the back of his head, holding him in place.Just let Mom take care of you, she said in a sultry voice.Bobby then noticed he was rock hard again.

He was desperately trying to think of something, anything else. But his body was betraying him. The soft, warm body of his Mother was becoming too tempting to him. He felt hot, aroused with a growing something need to take her in his arms.What is happening? Bobby said softly to himself.What is it that you want to happen? Mom said, with one hand trailing down the side of his face.DISCLAIMER: All participants are fictional, over 18 and are not blood related.

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